QALO - Men's Dual Color Ring

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The new QALO Athletic Rings have a design reimagined, built for those dedicated to living and practicing an athletic life. Our new design includes a ring profile which sits closer to the finger to avoid catching and was also created with a higher tensile strength silicone which increases the ring's durability. 

The biggest change - Welcome to Airflow! Yes, as you see in the picture to your left these rings are uniquely designed with perforated holes to increase the airflow between silicone and fingers, allowing your finger to breathe.

At QALO, we are always pushing ourselves to be the best we can be.  Whether in our training, our competition, or our relationships, we see every challenge as an opportunity to improve.  We stamp the QALO Athletic Collection with the Kettlebell icon to symbolize the commitment we share with you to become better versions of ourselves every day.


  • Material: Higher Tensile Strength Silicone 
  • These rings fit true to traditional wedding ring sizes
  • Airflow Optimized
  • Metallic Finish with the comfort & safety of a QALO ring
  • Flat design sits close to the finger to avoid catching
  • Tensile Strength: Men's & Women's ~40N
  • Dimensions: Men’s .9cm wide, .175cm thick; Women’s .55cm wide, .15cm thick
  • Patent Pending
QALO - Men's Dual Color Ring
QALO - Men's Dual Color Ring
QALO - Men's Dual Color Ring
QALO - Men's Dual Color Ring